"His stint with Raise the Dragon"

Posted by: Vladimir

"His stint with Raise the Dragon" - Mon, 16 Apr 2007 03:43:00

Just in case anyone wonders who were Raise the Dragon and what did they do - check this page:


No mention of Chris & Billy, but otherwise very interesting.

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Re: "His stint with Raise the Dragon" - Mon, 16 Apr 2007 17:41:00

Oo, thanks for the link, I've added it to the Links page. I did see Chris and Billy play with them in a a TV appearance one time, must have been 1984 - surprised the heck out of me as I knew nothing about it at the time. Unfortunately I couldn't tape it...
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Re: "His stint with Raise the Dragon" - Mon, 16 Apr 2007 18:21:00

By the way, we asked Chris about Raise the Dragon in his EV17 interview. He was (typically) fairly vague about it, but said that their involvement was just that one TV appearance and that it was a favour for someone. He thought they had a connection through CMO, or perhaps someone in the band (we checked, it wasn't CMO). Certainly Gary Barnacle of Visage was in a later incarnation of Raise the Dragon, Intimate Strangers, in 1986 - so maybe that's it.
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Re: "His stint with Raise the Dragon" - Mon, 16 Apr 2007 20:23:00

No problem, Cerise! smile
Actually I thought RTD was the band BEFORE Ultravox - for some reason, and has been rather surprised to learn they were from the 80's. Quite good music, I'd certainly recommend it to anyone.

Also want to add that judging by musicians on RTD release Nigel Ross-Scott, Midge's bassist, played on it smile
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Re: "His stint with Raise the Dragon" - Mon, 16 Apr 2007 23:02:00

Thanks for the link, Vladimir - we're looking into it. wink
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Re: "His stint with Raise the Dragon" - Mon, 08 Oct 2007 08:27:00

Thank you for the link Vladimir smile .

I too remember seeing a clip on TV that featured the song "Raise the Dragon" and also featured Billy and Chris.

The reason I was looking for info,(I came to this thread through the Forum Search) is that I have, up in the loft, a 12" White Label of the song Raide the Dragon.

There used to be a chap who had a record stall on the weekly market round here, and he always had a big box of 12" that he sold for something like 10-20 pence each.

The Raise the Dragon 12" is credited to Intimate Strangers, and has just one track on it, a mix of the song (memory fails as to what the mix is called, as I mentioned it's up in the loft.)

The second side of the single is blank, no grooves to it; it's completely smooth.

If there turns out to be more than just a very tenuous link between Ultravox and RTD/Intimate Strangers, let me know and I'll nip up and get the details from it (label, credits etc).

Be aware that it came in a plain white sleeve, so the only info I can get will be off the printed record label.