The Flashing Blade Podcast

Posted by: Macfadyan

The Flashing Blade Podcast - Tue, 04 Aug 2009 09:00:00

Ullo rabble :p Right then, I'm back podcasting. Yup, it's a Doctor Who podcast but with a slight twist. Said twist being that whilst Im the ancient wise one (Hah!), my co-host, Jo! whilst liking the show, doesn't know all the ins and outs. This means her views are fresh and unpoluted and quite refreshing, to be honest. She makes even me think about things, lol. And yes, shes a UV fan also....

so, all details here

iTunes, rssfeed etc all on there.

hope you enjoy

Posted by: Flip Martian

Re: The Flashing Blade Podcast - Tue, 04 Aug 2009 15:00:00

Spookier than a very spookier thing... I was giving some of your tunes a listen the other day for the 1st time in years after delving into a forgotten folder on my hard drive. Weird.

Not a die hard Who fan but I've downloaded 1-1 and will listen on the way into work.

Cheers, and indeed