Posted by: Dmitry

Orchestrated - Sun, 03 Dec 2017 07:48:44

A great music effort overall. Some tracks are really tear squeezing, like Dancing with.. Amazon comments are filled with "goosebumps" comments. Still, for me, string orchestra does not seem a necessary addition to Midge type songs. You would change strings to synths, slow music tempos a little bit further - and you get a perfect trip hop album ( or lounge, if you prefer this term). In some tracks (The voice, Love's great adventure) strings and main tune go in parallel, do not cross at all.
All in all, we heard much better attempts to mix electro with strings. Still, a nice add to Midge's discography.
Posted by: davox

Re: Orchestrated - Sun, 03 Dec 2017 14:26:12

I think this album is a very good addition to all the existing albums we have. A new interpretation of old songs, and not just old songs with the addition of strings. For me it's an exciting experience to hear them with their new arrangements. And it's a fascinating fact that Ty Unwin is a huge Urevox fan. Not a bad aspect to produce these songs in a new outfit.
Posted by: Alone With Strangers

Re: Orchestrated - Sun, 10 Dec 2017 11:54:11

I would tend to agree but the mastering is not brilliant & there are a couple of tracks in particular that are brickwalled (Hymn & DWTIME). It would be good to hear a sensitive master of the album wither as a download or vinyl release.
Posted by: stufarq

Re: Orchestrated - Sun, 11 Feb 2018 19:32:42

Finally had a chance to sit down and listen to this, and sad to say, I find it a big disappointment. Everything works perfectly well, but for the most part, the songs sound much like the originals, just with synths replaced by strings, and the piano replaced by... well, actually by identical piano lines. Vienna even has the same electronic drums, and the middle eight of Lament has the marimba-synth replaced by, surprise, an actual marimba. It all seems rather pointless. Drums, guitars and electronics should have been banned altogether, and anything that sounded like the original version should have been done differently.

It's a perfectly acceptable listen, but if you're going to do an orchestral album of old songs, use the orchestra creatively to make them sound different.

Sorry to be negative, but I don't think this adds anything to the songs.
Posted by: Ole_DK

Re: Orchestrated - Sun, 18 Feb 2018 15:21:30

Well, we canít discuss taste - thatís completely individual. But I have to say I really donít understand when you say it too simular to the originals - for me itís completely re-arranged in a very interessting way. Again, taste we cant discuss - just surprised you donít hear the re-arrangements. For me it was a very positive surprise. To be honest, I was getting a little tired of all this acustic and feared what an orchestra would do to ď the holy grailĒ - bit I liked it, really! Fragile makes my eyes in tears, so strong lyrics and the orchestra just add something - ďYou might as well have asked me not to breath...Ē such strong lyric