They Said It Couldn't Be Done.

Posted by: Davy B

They Said It Couldn't Be Done. - Wed, 21 Feb 2007 21:04:00

Transcript of Events: Pancake Day 2007.

Setting: Sleepy's Workplace and the doors burst open..........

Reporter: Hi Im Amir and I'm from VH1, I'm looking for Mr D Sleepwalker.

Sleepy: Don't know of anyone answering to that name.

Amir: Don't you come over all embarrased Mr SW, we know its you...

I have been given the task to get all the members of Ultravox Tribute Band, Monument, together, in the same room, one night only and rehearse one song. One song! Now all the others have signed up as you can see.

Amir brings out a large flourescent pink long player and waves it in front of sleepys face.....

Sleepy: AAAAAaaaaaaarh, ye can stick that right up yer ronson lighter, Ahm no touching that.

Amir: Now come on Sleepy the other guys have signed it.

Sleepy: No chance I'd rather be caught looking at Horse porn on me work's Internet .......................again!

Amir: Come on, I'll give you 20 Mayfair and a 1988 Broons book.... the one where Grandpaw sits on his Glasses and cuts himself another arse crack...

Sleepy: Aye alright then :-)

End of rubbish wee story

So, Sleepy not so happily skipped along to rehearsal last night and we all happily rehearsed Same Old Story from UVOX...... and we all lived happily ever after.

AYE SLEEPY........ YE'LL DAE IT !!!!!!

Posted by: Anonymous

Re: They Said It Couldn't Be Done. - Wed, 21 Feb 2007 22:49:00

that's indeed great news , davy b. ! :-)

i hope all goes very well for u in crewe in march , m8 ! :-)

cheers ... to all of u monument guys ! :-)
Posted by: leggylady

Re: They Said It Couldn't Be Done. - Thu, 22 Feb 2007 21:19:00

ROFLMAO! The Broons! PMSL! biglaugh biglaugh roflmao
Posted by: Sleepwalker

Re: They Said It Couldn't Be Done. - Fri, 23 Feb 2007 22:27:00

@ Baillie

Away n'run up ma ribs ya fried Mars Bar eatin' radge!!! cussing wink
Posted by: maryann

Re: They Said It Couldn't Be Done. - Sat, 24 Feb 2007 10:23:00

Sleepwalker, you best be able to play some Ultravox music before I fly over for the October gig :p wink