Posted by: Sleepwalker

Apology? - Tue, 20 Mar 2007 06:33:00


I'll take it upon myself to apologise to the forum members on behalf myself & the rest of the band.

Sorry OK confused2

This is not our website, it's Cerise & Robs & they have been good enough to give us our own thread & we really don't want to jepordise it...period.

So guys leave it out & keep your gripes to yourself OK

Sleepy wink
Posted by: leggylady

Re: Apology? - Tue, 20 Mar 2007 06:45:00

I don't think you need to applogise Don definately nothing to do with the band confused2 , but I will step in and say sorry for my part shocked . I'm sorry that I posted on the thread at all and I will keep my personal opinions and suggestions to myself! Consider me duly chastised! eek
Posted by: CONNY'S PIG

Re: Apology? - Tue, 20 Mar 2007 10:44:00

Ok then, I've just got in from work (3.20am) and read the 'Update' thread that I started on Sunday. What can I say, apart from feeling quite disappointed in what was said. By YOU Helen, and no-one else.

Did it never occur to you that if you felt as strongly about my work on the Monument website and how you disagreed it, you could have simply emailed me and brought it to my attention WITHOUT causing more unecessary hassle on this forum. The original images that were sent to me on cd for use on the Monument site WERE NOT credited to anyone, so how was I to know who had taken them? Yeah, the site aint perfect, but I put a lot of hours into it because I wanted to, and I'm quite proud of it as it happens. Daz and Paul's images deserve to be up there, they're shots that I woulda been proud of. To start yet another bickering match over jack-shit is just hammering another nail into your forum membership coffin.

Posted by: MidgeVox

Re: Apology? - Tue, 20 Mar 2007 16:36:00

This was never about the band, it was beyond personal issues initially, just a response to what I felt was a disrespectful entry. Disrespectful against the band, Ash, Chappie and ultimately myself.

I can understand your views, in line with above.

I will apologise to you for the hassle, I tried to be subjective, added some (poor quality?) humour and the rest is there for everyone to see.
The final decision on what happens here is yours to take and I shall abide by whatever decision you reach.

Posted by: Cerise

Re: Apology? - Tue, 20 Mar 2007 16:52:00

No decision to make, I'm just going to tell you all to CUT. IT. OUT.

If members want to argue about the (rather lovely) photos on the Monument site, then please do it by email or something so that we don't have to read it / get involved / have it spoil our day. Basically, bugger off and do it elsewhere.

Closing topic again...