3 Jak and Dive

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3 Jak and Dive - Wed, 02 Nov 2005 04:49:00

This album has been referred to on and off in other threads, but I'm interested to know what people think of it.
Personally, I'm impressed. It's the first full album I've heard by Lee Norris, and limited editions of the CD come with the free six-track Nildro Hain EP (which, incidentally means "blackbird's song" I think).
The EP includes Metamatics original version of '4am on Spectre Canal' but I can't find reference to this being available BEFORE the remix by John Foxx came out on Music for Heroes 3?
Good to hear it now, in context. A subtle and evocative piece of music.
The album includes of course Free Robot which it seems is NOT a remix. All the sleeve notes and references I can find describe this as a "collaboration", with vocals by John. There's nothing to say "John Foxx remix", for example, as there is on Spectre Canal).

So this isn't a review of the album (I'm working on that) but just to say that I think its as good as Hulkonnen's Dualizm and well worth getting. smile
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Re: 3 Jak and Dive - Wed, 02 Nov 2005 07:05:00

Martin, only played it once so far ( :rolleyes: ), but wasn't that impressed really: sounded like early '90s "intelligent techno", which is fine, just not very exciting. Nothing jumped out at me, whereas "Dualizm" I would heartily recommend.

I will give it another spin though. One day ... wink
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Re: 3 Jak and Dive - Wed, 02 Nov 2005 07:25:00

Fairy nuff.
Tracks 5 (First Transmission), 7(PlayOff ) and the pounding of 12 (Pebble) standout for me, but you have a point in your comparison. Reminds me in places of Eno's NerveNet?
I marginally prefer the EP to the album as a whole.

Do you like Plaid?
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Re: 3 Jak and Dive - Fri, 04 Nov 2005 06:58:00

Hey Martin, haven't played the EP yet but I will. Am starting to really like "Free Robot" though, and have no idea why but something is really happening in that track.

Yes, I do like Plaid, don't possess any of their albums but for copies, but saw them in Edinburgh a couple of years back and the music was incredible! Some of the early Black Dog stuff is really good as well, "Bytes" for example.