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Posted by: Macfadyan

New radio station news etc - Mon, 04 Jun 2007 21:26:00

Ok, firstly, this Thursday's Bibblethruster Noise Show will be my last for Vanguard Radio......and its gonna be a corker...very much a 'Best Of'....all the humerous bits (of which there were at least two), all my fave peieces of music - don't worry, I wont Ultravox overdose....Unless kai winges.

This show is gonna kick it the big one...or something...


Starting this saturday, a NEW station is being launched. Same DJ's, just more of em....My show will continue, at its normal Time and Space, every Thursday at 20.00 uk time...

But on Uberguilds Radio!!!

Yup, we've gone upmarket, apparently and No, Ive no idea what Im letting myself in for, LOL.

Ill plop the Uberguilds Radio addy up once its all sorted but the station launches this saturday and yours truly should be doing a stretch, probably, or rather, hopefully, in the afternoonb, uk time....cos it aint getting in the way of Dr Who, oh no!, LOL

More detials of how to tune into UGRadio (hah, UG it, lol), as and when I get em.

remember, this thursdays show is gonna be a corker
Posted by: Macfadyan

Re: New radio station news etc - Thu, 21 Jun 2007 08:17:00

This week's show is now a very special show.

With the 'election' happening, I feel its only right and proper to endorse the right man for the job, Mr. Harold Saxon.

Therefore the Bibblethruster Noise Show will be letting you all in on some very interesting things that YOU need to know about the man who I'm sure will be the next Prime We'll also, proudly, be replaying the letter and 'gentle request' we had from Mr. Saxon a little while back, in which Mr. Saxon spoke so eloquently about the fate of that poor policeman, DCI Sam Tyler.

Throw in some extra 'adverts' to keep our friends at SOE company, the two Noise Show traditions of the 'Last Night' Dance and...forgive me, Shatner, some kicking tunes and the most genial host this side of Utopia.....

to listen, just go to - all the info you need is there folks smile and yes, we'll be kicking off with the usual UV/MU or JF track.....

Vote Saxon