‎26 days to go till FUTURSPECTIV @ Bad Format! Tickets are available 10 online at eBay (search RoxyBowie) from Bad Format social club Mon-Sat and also from us personally just message us through Roxybowie on Facebook.
Special guest performance by the one and only


DJ's Steve Proctor and John Wright.
Ticket numbers are limited and this may be the last chance for our facebook friends to secure tickets before this event is publicised to the wider world, please don't miss out

Nightclub music 1978-82 as heard at the excellent "Retrospective" in April 2010, now brought to you again by RoxyBowie.
A club night for people looking for somewhere to re imagine the alternative club scene in Liverpool circa 1979-1982.
Not punk or post punk, , , pre new romantic.
Arthouse or futurist maybe.
In any case just great music and interesting people.

Date: Friday 10th December 2010
Venue: Bad Format Social Club Trueman St
Location: Liverpool
Doors: 21:00 til 03:00

Music by DJ Steve Proctor (Cagneys, The Executive Club, The System)


John Wright (Michelle Claires)

Plus special live guest appearance

(not saying who just yet, it's a surprise but what a surprise)

Tickets 10.00 available through Roxybowie on Facebook and

Ebay under Roxybowie Futurespectiv in Events Tickets.

Come along, you'll say ta for it!!!!

We are the Goon Squad and we're coming to town, , , Beep Beep!

Dress Eclectic!