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#9121 - Fri, 25 Nov 2005 03:16:00 Zaine Griff
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Hi all!

My fellow Ultravoxer Rodney once gave this wonderful address:


It does apparently belong to another fellow Ultravoxer Paul. It's an excellent site with lots of info about Zaine Griff. As some of you may know Zaine recorded with Warren Cann and Hans Zimmer on numerous occasions.

He also recorded with Midge. Courtesy of Paul Cook. Paul wrote:

11th April 2000

Midge Ure
In 1983 Zaine worked with Midge Ure on 7 tracks. 6 of these tracks remain missing (come on Midge, where are you hiding them?). The only track to see the light of day was Zaine’s re-working of the Ultravox track “Passionate Reply” . Midge is credited as producer of the track and the sound is reminiscent of that Midge achieved on “The Gift” and the end sounds like it should segue into “The Dancer”. This version of “Passionate Reply” was originally scheduled to be a single release in around July 1983, however this appears to have been aborted for some reason. The track was finally released as the b-side to the 12” version of “Swing” released later in 1983.

Cerise or b Can you please check with Midge if he has access to these recordings and if so whether he has plans of releasing them in the near future?


Chris C wink

#9122 - Sat, 17 Dec 2005 22:23:00 Re: Zaine Griff
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If you happen to be in contact with Midge before Christmas please mention to him these 7 unreleased tracks with Zaine. I guess the more 80s stuff that is released the merrier! wink

Passionate Reply is a great reworking and so is the Figures the album. Lovely artwork too!

Chris C
PS BTW your pressie arrived today! Thanks again! laugh

#9123 - Mon, 04 Apr 2011 02:12:00 Re: Zaine Griff
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A few of you have expressed an interest in Zaine Griff in the past, so I thought I'd give you a brief update on his recent activites.

On the 26th March he played his first gig in nearly 30 years in Auckland, NZ. Far from being an acoustic outing to test the waters, this was a tight, well rehearsed gig with a fall band and strings.

On the night Zaine palyed material from 'Ashes & Diamonds' & 'Figvres' including his version of the Ultravox track 'Passionate Reply'.

Here is a link to 'Run', from the album 'Ashes & Diamonds' recorded live.


In addition, Both 'Ashes & Diamonds' and 'Figvres' are being mastered ready for release in the near future, and there is talk of more shows to come in the near future.

For all the latest news, head over to www.zainegriff.co.uk, run my yours truely, and catch up with Zaine on his facebook page.