Welcome, all! The forum may seem a little big and confusing at first, but it's all broken down into categories - just have a good explore and you'll get the hang of it. wink

A useful little feature is the Today\'s Active Topics page, which shows you any ongoing conversations that day. Currently, this resets at midnight - but when we upgrade the board, it will show you active topics from the previous 24 hours.

If you fancy having a nice, custom photo avatar like many people have on here, just email a photo of yourself along with your name and member number to me, Cerise (I'm the Administrator of this board / website, along with Rob Harris smile ) to ev@ultravox.org.uk. I'll do the rest.

If you have any questions or problems, you can ask Rob and I about it, or any of our lovely new Moderators - their names will be listed at the entry of each Forum in a few days. They're here to help you, and we promise they don't bite! wink

There are many other areas of this website, which you can access via the QuickMenu drop-down at the top right of this page - the biggest bit being the Media Archive. Lots of stuff will go in here as soon as I get a bit of time to spend on it! Photos (mostly previously unseen, from Midge and Chris' own archives), lyrics, sound files, discography, gigography, Ultravox logos and fonts, wallpapers, press clippings, you name it. The categories there give you some idea of what will be there soon. Please have a little patience, as some of this stuff takes a long time to compile - for example, we have over 10,000 transparencies to scan from Midge and Chris and we can only get around 20 or 30 done on a good day. But trust us, there's lots of good stuff to go on and you'll start seeing it very soon.

Most of all... welcome, and have fun! laugh