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#7932 - Wed, 12 Jan 2005 02:22:00 no "u" song ...
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after findin' a list of ALL songs that midge ure was somehow involved in ( fyi : http://www.midgeure.com/archive/track.html ) , it came as a big surprise to me that none of the songs starts with the letter "u" , which is indeed a very significant letter in his life , as his surname is URE & his most successful band was ULTRAVOX !!! eek

this certainly is no coincidence , but what is the reason for it ??? *indeed_very_curious_by_now*

anyone , who knows the real reasons for it ... maybe mon cerise ... or will this forever be an Unsolved mystery of midge ??? *jus'_wonderin'*

anyway ... c u ! smile

olaf a.k.a. ..::=|MeTaMaTRiX|=::..

#7933 - Wed, 12 Jan 2005 03:24:00 Re: no "u" song ...
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Perhaps he gave us a hint on:

Ure name has slipped my mind again lmao

Very modest guy our Midge!

Chris C wink

#7934 - Wed, 12 Jan 2005 13:44:00 Re: no "u" song ...
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