The original idea was, to give something new to the people, while visiting the danceclub my friend was dj 10 years ago. You know, sometimes it works (VISAGE), sometimes not (ME). smile
Much to fast I said "I will make it", when Michael was asking me for some new DanceMusic-Stuff. That was in the mid 90s. I built by my own a new computer with a wavetable-soundcard, owned already a roland-piano (1700, I think) and a "BEEPBEEP-Casio". I created with it and some piece of software (sorry the name is gone) 13 tracks we played for a while. Well we played that stuff very carefully, so the people continued with dancing (because of to much alcohol, I think wink )
I found the CD I once created upstairs in my house, under the roof. It was totally scratched. The CD was not playable, but after polishing I was able to copy the tracks.
If you haven't a smile on your face for a long time and a flatrate, then download the torrent. But I give you a warning, this is not ULTRAVOX...

If this will be now "the big hit" after years, the half of all the earnings of it will go to this wonderful website, even if it has nothing to do with it.

Hope you enjoy it a little bit...
Yours, Andi.