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#75780 - Tue, 22 Nov 2005 14:24:00 My music
Joe DaSilva Offline
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Good day all.
For those who may be interested to listen to some of the songs that I have made over the years, I set up a web page where I list the track names, MP3 download links and some comments on how some of the songs came to life.

The link is:

I have been creating music as a hobby for many many many years, but I have actually only shared my music with very few people. For me, revealing my musical creations exposes a part of my soul that I do not necessarily want to share with just anyone. But, for those on this forum, you all like Ultravox . . . you must be good people !

Anyway, if you happen to go check out some of the songs, enjoy. Comments are welcome, good or bad.

And, yes, as indicated on that web site, I almost exclusively use Korg synths. Not sure why . . just that I got to know them well and have stuck with them. Now, I just to need head over to the UK some time to unload Sleepwalker of some of gear that he may be willing to part with

Joe DaSilva

#75781 - Wed, 23 Nov 2005 21:10:00 Re: My music
clermac Offline
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I listened to some of your tracks.
very nice. I hear influences of Jarre (you mentioned that), Tangerine dream and a bit of Delerium.
I don't know all your synths except the 01/W, but you should try more programming your own sounds if you don't do that already. some sounds reminded my of sounds I already heard somewhere.
but overall: good work

#75782 - Thu, 24 Nov 2005 00:21:00 Re: My music
Flip Martian Offline
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You should look at joining electromancer and hosting some tracks on there (www.electromancer.com). Your stuff would fit in well there. You can host a few tracks for free or pay a small fee to host an unlimited number.