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#69174 - Thu, 24 Nov 2005 03:31:00 Download Denied!
Oesterreicher II Offline
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I wonder if anyone can help with a bit of technical knowledge. I am currently unable to download most of the songs in the Covers Competition. In only one case does the "Speaker" logo come up above the entry name and description. In all other cases, a "No Entry" sign occupies its place with a message telling me that, on this server, I'm not allowed ro download that track. Might it be connected with my recent down-loading of an updated ZoneAlarm and the taking of the "FREE FOR 15 DAYS" option on ZoneAlarm Pro. Could my settings on this have been altered and be prohibiting the downloading of material?

Any technical advice would be most welcome.

Many thanks in anticipation!

#69175 - Thu, 24 Nov 2005 05:19:00 Re: Download Denied!
Nils Offline
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I have the same problems. I have a quicktime/apple plugin, so when I click the file with the left mouse button, then the quicktime plugin opens in the browser window. If I want to click right and download the linked file the problem that You describe appears. A friend of mine, who hates plugins (and therefore doesn't have any) can click the link and then he can download the file. Makes me a bit jealous ;-).
I don't think that zonealarm is responsible for this... .

What You can do: delete all files in the temporary internet files-folder. Then click on the link to open the mp3. When it is fully loaded You search for the largest file in the temporary internet files-folder, copy it to Your mp3-folder and rename it into a mp3-file.