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#67680 - Thu, 27 Jul 2006 03:35:00 Blitz
Chris C Offline
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Hi Paul

I believe you´ve finished recording the Ajanta new album and maybe you have some time to tell us more about the early 90´s Blitz project with Robin, Sue and John.

How did it happen? This must have been straight after John´s Nation 12 project. I believe there´s a recording which John has (I have already written to John about a future release). Were there any tours involved? Why did it come to an end?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Chris C wink

#67681 - Fri, 11 Aug 2006 19:04:00 Re: Blitz
Paul Simon Offline
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Hi Chris,
Robin and I have finished most of the recording for our second album, but we still have some further development, editing, and mixing, to complete. We've focused the direction of the band and Robin has contributed 3 songs this time out.

Further AjantaMusic news - we're currently at No. 8 in the July Echoes chart in the USA (www.echoes.org) and we've also been invited to contribute a track (And Now We Dream) to their 2006 Living Room Concert Series CD for release in the States. Have you heard our live session and interview (both broadcast last month and now available in the Echoes archive)? The next AjantaMusic gig is at Namaste, Las Dalias, San Carlos, Ibiza on Wednesday September 13th 2006. We invite you to Ibiza! If you can't make it, we're planning a London gig for later in the year.

Blitz began in early 1993 when John called Robin and me and asked us to form a band with him. Robin suggested Sue Rachel on bass, and we began rehearsals in London as a four-piece with her, John on vocals and electric rhythm guitar, Robin on lead guitar, and me on drums. We demoed a version of Dancing Like a Gun (mixed by Tony Lowe) at a small studio in Harlesden, North London, and eventually moved to Foel Studios in North Wales to begin work on masters for a proposed album. During the summer John had asked us to try out the band at a gig in Leeds but, due to my being on tour with Glen Matlock's band The Philistines at the time, and financial constraints, Robin and I were unavailable for this particular date. After the sessions, however, John decided once again to change direction and began working with Louis Gordon the following year. Although we rehearsed about a dozen songs, the recorded output is an initial demo of Dancing Like A Gun and, from Foel Studios, five tracks:
1. Meeting Venus
2. Sailing on Sunshine
3. Dancing Like a Gun
4. Eurotrash
5. Through My Sleeping

It's puzzling that John failed to mention this in recent interviews when he discusses having worked with Robin since Ultravox and in fact seems to have entirely forgotten the band existed. John has the masters and it is entirely his decision if these tracks ever see the light of day, although Robin and I would certainly like them to be released. We've had no contact with Sue Rachel since then.

I've played the tracks to friends and the reaction has been consistently positive - Glen Matlock was most impressed and said they sounded great, strong songs, top performance. It was even mooted that Glen replace Sue on bass if the band had continued.

Blitz - the missing link?

Hope this helps,
Paul Simon

#67682 - Fri, 11 Aug 2006 19:20:00 Re: Blitz
Flip Martian Offline
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Fascinating - I'd never heard of that project at all. Sounds like it could have been very interesting; shame it never came to anything! Thanks for the gen. smile

Someone should be quizzing John why he's never mentioned it...

#67683 - Fri, 11 Aug 2006 19:28:00 Re: Blitz
Cerise Offline

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Bloody hell! eek

#67684 - Fri, 11 Aug 2006 19:55:00 Re: Blitz
Cromlech Offline
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And, Lo!:

Foel does, indeed, list John as 'client.

Just goes to prove, he occasionally moves in mysterious ways....


#67685 - Fri, 11 Aug 2006 23:25:00 Re: Blitz
Your Shadow Offline
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This really is news to me. Wow ! Shows you just how informative this forum is. Would love to hear the results of this project.

#67686 - Tue, 15 Aug 2006 04:42:00 Re: Blitz
Chris C Offline
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Thanks Paul. Your contribution is great.

All we need now is for John to undust the master tape and release it as an EP.

This could be the Nation 12 of 2006! laugh

Robin (Harris)nudge nudge....

Chris C wink

#67687 - Tue, 15 Aug 2006 19:58:00 Re: Blitz
Shadow Man Offline
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It's the first time for me too I hear about this band.

I can only second all the others:


It is enough stuff for an EP I think...

Thanks for the information, Paul wink

#67688 - Tue, 15 Aug 2006 21:16:00 Re: Blitz
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This is certainly good news. Surprising what can still turn up. I hope that this is made into an EP
Peter wink