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#66910 - Thu, 29 Apr 2010 01:28:00 Midge's RTE 2 Guitar
Gargravarr Offline
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Hey all! Don't think I've posted yet but I'm not really a forumite! Great little community though!

I saw the guys in Amsterdam on Monday and, in between having my mind blown again (saw them last year!), I noticed that, whilst Midge still had the black Strat for Hymn, he replaced his Ibanez RS125 (right?) with an SG clone.

Anyone know what kind of guitar this is? I've never seen a single-pickup SG before; I thought it was an ESP Viper on first glance, but again they only do dual-humbucker variants and I'm fairly sure it isn't a Gibson original.

Also, anyone got any guesses why he switched instruments? I loved the sound of the Ibby - it had amazing sustain for a trem-bridge. The fact that Midge used an Ibanez was one of the reasons I bought one myself! smile

I also noticed Chris ditched the Ibanez Blazer for a Rickenbacker, but those basses sound incredible so I'll let that one slide! smile

Any ideas?

#66911 - Thu, 29 Apr 2010 08:04:00 Re: Midge's RTE 2 Guitar
MidgeVox Offline
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IIRC its a Gordon Smith GS1. Hand made in Manchester.


Lovely, lovely thing......

Hope this helps, but no doubt Little Chris can confirm the full specs......