No, Metro Namecheck is not the name of some Slovak synth maestro, but a reference to the fact that Ultravox were mentioned in print in the free METRO newspaper (well, in the London edition, at least) of Tuesday, September 12th.

The story concerned a review of a Robert Mapplethorpe exhibition featuring two short films, a medium in which he was not, according to the reviewer, well-practised. "Turkeys" was the actual description.

The review states:

". . . Much worse is Lady, made six years later. Featuring female body-building champ Lisa Lyon as she walks through a huge Gothic mansion wearing hooded robes or flexing her body in revealing leather gear, this too is a product of its time - which is why it looks and sounds like a very crass and very camp 1980's pop video which just aches to be Fellini. Think Ultravox without the production values."

So, a journo who recognises and respects the style and quality of Ultravox videos even 20-some years later - how very refreshing!