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#4778 - Thu, 17 Mar 2005 03:24:00 Foxx live pics…
birdsong Offline
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…and other stuff.

Have I missed postings about this great gallery before?


Check out the home page too for some interesting numan interviews etc.

Like I said, apple-oggies if this is a re-post. Somehow I missed it smile

#4779 - Thu, 17 Mar 2005 06:47:00 Re: Foxx live pics…
Oesterreicher II Offline
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Excellent! The man of a million faces . . . in the top row, extreme right, wor Johnnie looks like he's doing his Steven Segal impression; whilst second row, second from left, he looks uncannily like Trevor Eve. Rory Bremner, move on over . . .

To be honest, I think he looks a lot more interesting here, showing his real age, than in some of the slapped-up publicity shots: the old 70's Rock 'n' Roll has its elder statesmen, but music electronic seems to focus on pristine newness and unblemished youth - let Mr Foxx (and Mr Currie, for that matter) proclaim that "new" has come of age and acquired wisdom, that its journey is etched in every line on the face, that it has history as well as innovation.