I have had the priviledge of acquiring the Ultravox Monument "LIVE" show on AVI (for which you need a DVD decoder MPEG-2 to view) from Hammersmith Odeon 1982

It starts off with the track Monument from Air Studios London June - July 1982, with interviews with Sir George Martin in Monserrat, additional interview with Peter Saville on the design of the set for the tour, the set build onstage and then goes into the actual show revealing the stage set behind the curtains, right into Reap the Wild Wind, The Voice (including that great electronic drum solo with Chris, Midge and Billy), Vienna, Mine for Life, & Hymn. The live show includes excerpts among the bands videos, as the show goes on.

The show is 612 megabyte and is 30 minutes and 50 seconds long.

Truly a collectors item!

I am hopeful, that I am not the only one who has this show, other than the CD.

Here is the video at Amazon.com