I don't know if anyone is already aware of these, but I was browsing the other day and came across some interesting extended remixed versions of some of our much loved Ultravox tracks.

Labelled as "The Collection - special edition" there are several to choose from including:-

White China (Razormaid) 6:58
One Small Day (Club Mix) 7:48
HYMN (Extended Mix) 6:42
One Small Day (Special Extended 12" Remix) 9:51
Passing Strangers (Special Extended 12" Mix) 8:28
Sleepwalk (Extended Mix) 6:13
Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (Club Mix)
Vienna (Special Extended 12" Remix) 7:03

While I don't believe any of these are official remixes they are certainly worth a listen. They do sound professionally done. Vienna has definitely been beefed up a bit! Those Linn drums remixed and booming louder than ever.

These are all available free at HXCMusic.com

I think on the whole they are OK. Please post your opinions.