From John's Myspace blog:-

In between rehearsals for the ''Short Circuit'' analogue synthesizer show at the Roundhouse on 5 June, John Foxx has also been doing some filming with Benge and Karborn -

This is at Benge's Play studios in London, where they're recording the new John Foxx & The Maths album, due for release in autumn 2010. Karborn projected some films across them as they played - hence the sunglasses as they were blasted with white light.

It's very much a rough cut of something that may develop into a full length promo later in the year - some of the imagery may also be used on screens at the Roundhouse, or even form part of a dvd at some later stage. All loose plans at the moment, but as Brian Eno recently commented, Benge's studio is an important contribution to the ''archeology'' of synths - and the great thing about these old machines is they look as fantastic as they sound.

The track on this clip, 'Destination' is the first single from the album and is currently available with a second track, 'September Town' via iTunes etc.