Saw the great man last night in the very hot and steamy Joseph's Well in Leeds, what can I say superb. Louis was his usual bouncy, scary self with both John's and his keyboards moving alarmingly around the stage.Calm down Louis. No back projections -- darn but a good punchy sound. Had to cut the set short because of the heat so only got to hear the first few bars of Shifting City-- darn (again)Loved the new tracks. Mrs G thought the 3rd Track sounded a bit like Goldfrapp (Strict Machine)Highlight was hearing "The Man who dies..." Love those lyrics.
Did any see that scary bloke in a cheque shirt screaming for Underpass all the way through the first half of the gig, what a knob!
The support were Pink Grease- a weird choice but very entertaining. One of them had what could only be described as a massive stylophone strapped around his neck!