I'm just listening to a vastly improved version of the 1979 gig that has Radio Beach. The best way to beat the bootleggers seems to be that route. As you know, I tried to spread bootlegs far and wide without resorting to ebay prices (thou I covered my costs and got a few takeaways!). I'm retired now, but let's get this one in mass circulation! It looks like the same one as I had, listed at http://tinyurl.com/8ywul

Ironically, I was looking for Ari's movements when I came here as he really wanted a better version of the gig. So my suggestion is that we draw up a cover dedicated to Ari, get this download and give it away to people without access to BitTorrent. If everyone offers to do one copy for someone else and so on, we can remember him in a way I think he would enjoy.