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#1242 - Tue, 22 Feb 2005 06:24:00 20th Century Box
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The fact that "20th Century" was the theme music to a 1980 TV show called "20th Century Box" is mentioned so rarely on the Web that I'm worried I might start thinking it's just an urban myth. The show was, apparently, made by Janet Street Porter and featured, among others, Iron Maiden and Spandau Ballet. Which part of the track was the actual theme, and has anyone (presumably someone who's got a friend who likes Iron Maiden) got a recording of any of the shows?

Cheers, Adrian

#1243 - Thu, 24 Feb 2005 04:19:00 Re: 20th Century Box
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Hi Dadge,
I remember the show quite well with 20th Century being the music for the opening and closing if I remember correctly. It was shown on ITV Sunday lunchtime??? Those were the days before video recorders. Would be strange to see one of the shows now. Would be interesting if we could piece together the history of the show. I know Janet Street Porter is still on the scene.

#1244 - Mon, 14 Mar 2005 07:04:00 Re: 20th Century Box

and of course the theme music to it was reworked for the b-side of burning car. it's pretty good.

the opening sequence of the programme was a series of mouths, saying twentieth century. not sure of they are john's or not. the programme was responsible for the rise of spandau ballet as they were heavily featured in one programme. little did the programme makers know they what they were inflicting on the world.