Well having agonised about whether to go or not and eventually deciding 'yes' (see the "Do I really want to see John live? thread" further down), my brother has just texted me to say he's working a late shift and can't go after all. Although I'm not short of friends, none of them are into John's style of music so it's looking likely I'll have to go on my own.

I understand from other threads that some other forum members may be going and wondered if it was worth setting up a pre-gig meet for a pint or several. As one who likes quieter pubs that serve decent beer, I'd suggest the Red Lion on Charles Street or the Rutland on the rather appropriately named Paternoster Row. Both are just a couple of minutes walk from the Leadmill.

If anyone's interested, post a message on this thread or email me at hturbot@hotmail.com.