Hello Chris,

here are two questions for you that are obviously not related but they have been on my mind for some time. Since there never seems to be time enough for a proper conversation, here it goes:

1) What happened to the material of the new album the four of you were recording in April 1986 in Billy's basement studio in Chepstow Place? Since it was not used (apparently?) on the album-to-eventually-be-released-out-of-a-different-band-constellation (in here referred to as TPT), where did the tracks recorded in the first instance go to? Do they still exist somewhere?

2) As you already know, I am incredibly interested in your work as a psychotherapist. Although (or because) I don't know what exactly is your speciality (someone mentioned you work with children), I have many questions on the matter. One of them being: how familiar are you with Gestalt? I went to a centre this week, in order to find out more. There I realized that I have been applying it (or much of it) for over 10 years now, without knowing it had a name. Impressive. woohoo

Once one has seen, one cannot pretend not to have seen...

Voilą, the questions are asked. You are welcome to answer both or one or none. You are a free spirit after all. smile

Big hug!