I got this fanzine in the mail almost 2 weeks ago now. It's from the 83/84 set of books. I amuse from mid/late 83 because no talk about Lament or anything. What I really love about this one is the cover it's so gorgeous. Sir Peter Saville, Ken Kennedy and all the others and also Ultravox themselves were quite known to get into the design things. (Watch the design matters doc.) I love that a lot about them. Because the way you express yourself is VERY important to your identity I think. I also love all of the quotes and such in there. One of my favorites is, "we like our stage sets to be adaptable, pleasing to the eye, to provide an atmosphere and enhance the music." I also learned that Billy actually smoked I thought he just held them in some photos to look cool LOL! Almost forgot here is the link to the image!: Ultravox The Voice IV Enjoy! lurve

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