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#100949 - Sun, 10 Dec 2017 22:23:21 Ultravox songs on Orchestrated
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seems like mixed reviews on their social network pages,
which is about right.

some are very slowed down in tempo, others are spot on..

all of them are on youtube.

vienna is great:

8 of the songs are from ultravox
hymn - very slow tempo, ok
dancing with tears in my eyes - very minimal, slow tempo
man of two worlds - excellent version, with the duo, just about the right tempo
vienna - excellent version, just right, although it has non orchestral sounds
the voice - well done, good approximation of the sounds, excellent vocals, very intense
death in the afternoon - slowed down tempo, very dramatic, picks up at chorus, good
lament - excellent all around, great sound and slightly slowed down tempo, some non orchestral sounds
reap the wild wind - excellent sound and tempo

so, after what appears to be a very slow start from the first few tracks
i wasn't to excited about the prospects of it.

then several good songs came up, with very good versions.

overall, as far as it goes, if you're in the mood for some alternate
versions, you will like it. midge's voice is great, and he can still
some of the notes like in the past. and its good to finally hear some
lesser played songs (at least to me), from their past.

i enjoyed it, but its not for everyone, if you liked the originals
only, stick with those.


#100950 - Tue, 12 Dec 2017 21:41:52 Re: Ultravox songs on Orchestrated [Re: negative1]
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Some are better than other is what it boils down to.

Some are not as bad as the Visage orchestral album but a few do get close to James Last territory.

However my only real beef with the album is the mastering which is, once again, overly loud - especially on Hymn & DWTIME. It's even been mastered by a company called Loud Mastering which ain't a good sign.

Hopefully the vinyl release will be more gentle on the ears.