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#100807 - Fri, 17 Mar 2017 14:40:41 The Vienna Video Tarantula!
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I was watching a programme the other night about 80's music videos and not surprisingly the Vienna video was touched on as one of the most innovative of that period.

Now I always assumed that it was Warren who was brave enough to have the Tarantula crawl across his face, as it seemed to look like him, but on the programme Russell Mulcahy revealed it was in fact Julien Temple who was the person in question!!

I'm sure some other famous people were in Ultravox videos though. Pretty sure Oliver Tobias was in Hymn, Diana Weston from The Upper Hand was in DWTIME and Annabel Giles was in Lament and LGA although after my three decade long Warren mistake I am probably now wrong about those as well!!!!!

#100808 - Sun, 19 Mar 2017 11:24:13 Re: The Vienna Video Tarantula! [Re: zico]
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There is a version without the insect - which I like much more, Pity it's not on any official Uvox video compilation...

Among other famous people is the old man with a beard who has a role in "Vienna" - still don't know his name but he was in dozens of other early 1980s videos by other bands like ABC, Haircut 100, Icehouse etc.

And I don't know if they can be called "famous" but Tik (Sean Crawford) and Barbie Wilde from Shock/Tik & Tok are in "Passing Strangers", of course.

Ah yes, and Kid Jensen is in the "Hymn" video too, announcing The Furious Monkeys (Midge and Danny Mitchell) on TOTP smile