I thought I'd start a thread about unreleased or hard-to-find music that people would like to see issued, for example The Beatles 1967 composition "Carnival of Light" or Jimi Hendrix's "Black Gold" tapes.

Personally speaking I'd like for the guy who owns the only copy of Jarre's "Music For Supermarkets" to allow a new master to be taken from it and then to issue it as a high quality release on CD. He'd certainly make a lot of money from that and the original LP copy won't be diminished in the least since it'll always be the 'master tape' and hence the best available version.

Some of its tracks were subsequently tweaked for inclusion on Zoolook and a bootleg also exists of the 1983 Radio Luxembourg AM broadcast of the LP, although the sound quality is understandably poor and is also in mono.

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