Yes, 'tis BOVINE, always has been! Strangely enough, I was singing... er... trying* to sing this song in the bathroom of our hotel room in Helsinki. At exactly this line - they shuffle with a bovine grace and glide in syncopation - I stopped and shouted over to Sassy:

"What the f*** does this line mean anyway?! I have never understood it! Do YOU - as a native speaker - understand it?"

Ahhh... relief when it occurred to us that Midge himself had said that the lyrics never meant anything... oufff!

Still... her answer was: "Sounds naughty to meee" (or something like that). biglaugh

DougG - this thread is nothing compared to the Midge passport one; did I miss anything somewhere...? confused

* (it has a "difficult" melody, to put it elegantly) wink