Spooky! I found my "The Collection" sheet music the other day as well! Is this some kind of geomantic prophecy, the earth giving up its Ultravox sheet music as an omen of resurrection? ( Answer: No, is it 'eck as like!).

One thing I did notice - and this has caused me some little sadness - is that all these years I've got it wrong: the lyric in The Thin Wall is "They shuffle with a bull-fight grace. . ." and not, as I'd fondly imagined and widely announced, "They shuffle with a bovine grace . . ." . Okay, there's still the cow connection (which is good as far as I'm concerned, I love 'em), but somehow getting the word "bovine" into a top-20 single would have been a superb achievement. Please, somebody tell me it is "bovine" after all! (Okay, maybe this should be in "Misheard Lyrics", but it's not. Ha!).