Originally posted by Monuman:
confused does anyone know the proper term or know how to program one touch bass lines.
this is where you press the key onece, and the basline keeps reapeting (different pitches on different notes). also, how do you do the different patterns?????. i notice Chris uses this a lot in the Vox songs..... confused

ahh the triggered bassline as it used to be called...

there are various ways of getting your bassline.. probably the easiest is using an in built sequencer in your DAW. In mine (Sonar) I load a bass patch and load the sequencer then select the notes I want to play...

you could also use PRV (piano roll view, as called in Sonar)and add notes manually to create that bassline. Once a pattern is created, it then can be looped... so you don't have to manually add the notes... most DAWs should have function

you could also use some kind of arpeggiator to create a pattern

hope this helps