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WOW nervouslaugh Is it intense or does it just kind of permeate everything? Do you even notice it or it just is?? I hope you guys understand what I am trying to say. confused
Hi Maryann

Sorry for the delay - don't tend to log on over the weekend due to the carrier pigeon nature of our home internet connection.

I don't know if you should be envious - I've don't know what life is like without it! From my point of view, it is only intense if I can concentrate on the effects to the exclusion of everything else - certainly with the connection between colours and music. On an everyday level it is there but, to a certain extent, in the background. There are usually too many other things going on as a distraction especially when not at home. However, if Mrs H and I are sat with music on I can "tune in" much better and it is much clearer for want of a better word. smile

The experience is probably different for all synthaesthetes (new word!)- how does it affect you, Alex? smile