I wanted to let everyone here know about my music forum. It is divided into four sections. I have an Erasure forum, Pet SHop Boys Forum and Depeche Mode forum all on one website. Plus I have a General Off Topic section with Other Artists, that is where I have a big thread about Midge & Ultravox. I am not only into Erasure,PSB & DM so I added that to talk about all the other bands I am into. So if you are a fan of all three I do encourage you to join it! You can find out about news, and share rare pictures, fan remixes and different audio and video files of these bands. I know lots of you have YouTube accounts. Come and check it out, I have an mp3 player on the site and what I call Video of the Month and Song of the Month, these will feature different tracks by different artists not just the ones dedicated on my forum.

www.erasure-petshopboys.com It is a legitimate forum as its posted on the LINKs section of the Pet Shop Boys' official site. Soon to be on Erasure as well. And I have a myspace account as well, http://www.myspace.com/petshopgirl1