While it's not perfect, it's a vast improvement on the state it was in when I FIRST posted. Personally I think it's better to at least see all of the photos rather than 3 out of 20 odd!
Does anybody have a suggestion or explaination as to why it's happening? A solution anyone? Well then could you cut me some slack? I know nowt about building websites, I'm the first person to say so, I think it's looking alright considering I'm a complete novice and have had NO help from ANYONE!
As I said before, I'm working on it......... that and starting a new business (and all the meetings that entails), renovating one house, searching for another, searching and viewing commercial properties AND being a full time Mum! :rolleyes:
edit: oh and I forgot planning a wedding! I'm sure John would be re-assured about me forgetting that eh?! :rolleyes: bemused