Originally posted by maryann:
I can access the pics but some revert backwards instead of going to the next one

Yeah I've got the same problem and I can't seem to figure it out at all. All the galleries are set up the same, so it's weird! The "Live gig" section has about 20 pics on it and for some reason we can only see 3!
(saw your pic in the group shot, nice one! BTW : is that who I think it is next to you??)
Well that depends on who you think it is, but if you think it is who I think you think it is, then no it's not. LOL
It shouldn't be anyone you know, they were all friends of my mate Lynsay's (the one at the front right) and if you're thinking it's who I think you're thinking it is.... that person NEVER lets anyone take her photo! I think she's frightened she'll get recognised and extradited or something! ROFLMAO! roflmao