Well I finally decided to launch this re-vamped website of mine having been convinced that if I don't "It'll just never be good enough to publish, you'll keep finding faults!"

I've been plugging away and plugging away, and I knew there were things i needed to tweek. However I thought I could launch it and fiddle at a later stage, because the person I was talking to was right, when I start something I'm a perfectionist and I wont leave it alone (which is why nothing ever gets STARTED! LOL

Anyway, I've put it online (a major feat in itself) and I don't know what the hell I've done, but when you go onto the site there's just a blank screen until you left click on "play" VERY ANNOYING!
Then when it does play, the animation goes all haywire and SOME of the galleries/ boxes play on a loop..... also EXTREMEMLY annoying!
A couple of the galleries won't let you click through them completely (the "live gig photos" gallery has about 20 pics on it and you can only see 3, it's like it gets stuck!)
I'm INFURIATED at myself, I don't know what I've done and I daren't take it back down again!!!!!

Any ideas, suggestions, free advice, expertese greatly welcomed (I'm starting to wish I'd paid to have it built professionally! :rolleyes: )

cussing cussing