Nice to see that so many people still appreciate the sounds of Ultravox and Visage! I'm actually a Brit living over here in the states - came over for a short working spell and find myself still here 9 years later.

I have a new-wave synth band in San Francisco and I'm looking to recreate that infamous Billy Currie synth solo sound from Hymn. I have a Roland Fantom X6 - I'm sure all you purists are groaning but it's what I have to work with... I know how to use it to create analogue-subtractive-esque synthesis - combining samples of saw / triangle / etc waves / filters / envelopes etc. It has all sorts of effects available too - like guitar amp models etc. However, I'm still kind of new to this and I'm having a hard time recreating that synth sound.

If anyone knows how it was constructed and can give me the gritty details, that would be awesome. I'm looking for something like.. it's two saws detuned by 5 cents with blah blah filters etc etc... If anyone has a patch for the Fantom or another roland that would be even better smile

Thanks - looking forward to some synth-geek replies smile

If anyone is interested, you can hear some of our tracks at: