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i`m back ! I was ultravox fanclub member in early 80īs. I have been visiting the forum for a while now as a guest but now i'm here. Nowadays i like also tangerine dream. My hobbie is chess, you can pick my up from internetchessclub.com playning chess with nickname Nexus6.


Hey Mika,

I used to like chess, but I keep loosing all the time. So I switched to checkers. It's a very hard game. each person i play against has a different set of rules. i used to think the object of the game was to get all your men to the other side. now people are telling me the object of the game of checkers is to get as many people to play as possible. i get confused sometimes. perhaps i shall return to jumping rope with my sisters. i dunno. is there Internet Jumprope? Beuller?


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