I really like this forum, it seems to be active without any bullshit talking people.

Ive been a fan of Ultravox since I was a little kid and saw the "Dancing..." video that my sister had recorded on a vhs-cassette.

I dont listen very much to "pop", just a few acts like UV, Alphaville, Kraftwerk that has been following me. My childhood heroes are Helloween, and my other favourite bands are for example Running Wild, Savatage, Iron Maiden, Lake of Tears, Drudkh, Skyclad and so on. Is there any other people here that can relate to bands like these?

Im going to see UV for the first time in Eskilsuna. I was supposed to see them in Hamburg, but due to really bad luck and sickness we never made it there.

Have a nice day all of you!!!