Hi everyone,
Thought id better join up properly instead of comming on here to read the posts :-). What can i say apart from ive been a fan of Ultravox since about early 1978 when my older Sister played me the first album and after hearing @ I want to be a machine' i was hooked ( funny Machine is still probably my fav song from both lineups ). After John left and Midge joined i kept the faith and carried on, i know other people from the time that didnt. but i see the band as having two very different periods and i can still imagine Mr Foxx singing on most of Vienna. Seen the band 3 times in the last year and a bit inc Sheffield the other night which was brilliant after waiting almost 25 yrs to see them again. As well as Ultravox i love most original Punk/post Punk and original Goth 82-89, sorry about the length of introduction :-) spk to you all at some point.