Hi all, another newbie here,
I have been a fan since Vienna, but never got to see them, tried to go to the Roundhouse last year but it was sold out, so thought my last chance had gone... until I got a text from my sister saying did I want to see Ultravox at Hammersmith!!

After a very long wait 11th April was finally here! We were up in the circle, but only 10 rows back and right in the middle, directly opposite Midge, so had a great view of all the boys.

From the first note they blew me away, I knew they'd be good, but they were just majestic, awesome!! Midge's voice was clear and strong, Chris' guitar playing wonderful, Billy just awesome on syntheziser and the violin playing Wow - I thought Iwas dreaming! But the icing on the cake (for me) the very loud perfectly timed and faultless drumming from Warren! Now I really was dreaming!!

They played all my favourites and I was acting like a giddy teenager, shouting, screaming, clapping and singing along at the top of my voice. Wanted the night to go on forever, but all to soon they started The Voice. This moment filled me with mixed emotions, I SO love that song and had wished to see it live ever since I first heard Monument, but I knew it would be the last song! My hands were red raw from trying to clap louder and faster than the boys could drum, my throat was sore from all the singing, but it didn't disappoint, it was even better (and longer) than I had hoped - a perfect finale and a memory that will stay with me forever!

Highlights; Vienna, Lament, Visions in Blue (perfect showcases for Mr Ure's amazing vocal range)

The Voice ,Hymn, Passing Strangers, One Small Day, Mr X (something to do with the vocalist), All Stood Still, Sleepwalk

Billy's violin solos especially on Vienna

Regrets; That I didn't see them when I was that giddy teenager, That I didn't follow my heart and dance in Hymn - my favourite song (I did to every song after - I was so annoyed with myself)

Quick note to the lovely guy sitting in front of us- so glad you had a good time and pleased you finally got up and danced - we'd been willing you all night!

Sorry about the long post, but just had to share.