The names Shaz and I live in Nottingham,UK ( sadly)
Ive been into Ultravox since the very early days and now the daughter ( who is 19 ) is getting into them in a big way
Ive seen em lots of times and been backstage etc a lot of times too
Warren and I keep in touch via email etc,we kind of lost touch a few years ago( theres some earrings he wears in the videos I bought him yay,lol) but thankfully are back to emailing now ( thank goodness for the net)
anyway Im an old fart as youve prolly guessed( not too old tho),other music i like is Rammstein,Machine Head,HIM and various stuff like that
The daughter and I came back from being on tour with Rammstein in the UK the other week ( we went on the tour buses to eahc gig etc so if anyone likes em and wants to see pix feel free to ask )
Ive just spent 1800 on a new guitar which is a signature guitar the same as the lead guitarist aka Rich from Ramm plays so yeah Im a pretty sad nutter but hell its a one off thing which Id never be able to do again
fav songs from Ultravox..The Voice and Reap the Wild Wind and just need to update my cd collection with the old Ultravox cd's instead of the vinyl stuff i have ( seeing as my record player bit the dust)