Not sure about that, but certainly felt "at home" as it were hearing the songs again. And yet it still stands the test of time. Sure some of the sounds are of their time but some bands like Goldfrapp are using some early 80s synth sounds at the moment. But I have always been a sucker for some great synths, vox and tunes which I feel Rage in Eden and Vienna have. That said, I have recently got The Island Compiliation (was aware of John Foxx for years but never got round to hearing him) but I like it too. Some great ideas really inventive. But I will always be a Midge years gal. But I guess that's what I like about the band, the inventiveness of them. All memebers of the band brought something to the Ultravox at one time or another. Which is cool. I am all for team effort. My own writing thrives on the "team" effort.