Thx everyone!

Didnt realise I had to give a bit of background (noticed others have anyway!)

Well I am a fan of all sorts of music (I do try to go gigs and write my own stuff too) but I do have a soft spot for Ultravox.

I first saw Vienna when it was in the charts (as a 7yr old) and just decided I thought Midge was the handsomest bloke on the planet (remember I was 7 smile Anyway, forgot about the band for a couple of years until The Collection came out which made me aquire the vids and Rage in Eden and Vienna. Which are my fave albums. Though I do love Man of Two Worlds! Anyway last week dug out my old cassettes (yes they still exist!) and decided that I needed to get the cd versions of my fave albums as well as the vids on dvd and remembered just how great they really were. so here I am.

jc smile