Hey. It's Saturday night. I'm a DJ from Houston, TX USA and the scene is so gruesomely doggish here I can't keep a straight face. We're always dogging each other so please forgive me if I seem to be laughing my head off. I'm not doing it on purpose.

um. My name is Mackenzie McKenzie & I'm from all over the states, mostly the north east like New York and New England (Massachusettes). I'm floored that I got approval to read & post on this board. hey, I just got the Bob & Doug McKenzie album. They don't have snow blowers in Houston so the bookstore where I got it had no idea of this record's value smile

Man, Ultravox is the bomb. What I'd really like to find is an instrumental version of "Western Promise." I could then mix it with Rush's "Tom Sawyer" (the live version) & we could all appreciate the Gods together. and smoke a little.

What's the big deal with Midge Ure? How come other band members haven't put out solo albums?

I'll sit back and read the board some so I can acclimate. I hope I don't cock attitude here after this post. This is difficult given where I live.


*ahem* .. pardon .