Believe it or not, I've been visiting this site for about 4 years. Been an Ultravox fan (hate the word "fan", makes me sound like a Brossette!) since I heared Sleepwalk in 1980 (I was 14 then!!).
Trying desparately to get my daughter, Rhiannon, to enjoy Ultravox but she's 4 years old and prefers the Tweenies, though I haven't given up yet!
If Monument etc. can get the Voxgate up and running for next March I'd definitely be up for it. Haven't posted too much as I've always felt a bit intimidated - I love listening to the music, RIE especially (brings back some great memories), but having very limited musical ability (Grade 2 rockschool Bass - but trying), can't get too involved in some of the more in-depth conversations.
Anyway, I look forward to contributing a bit more in future.