Hi, my name is Anna and I live in Sweden. I have been listening to Ultravox since app. 1982. Ill be 40 this year.

Some years ago I started to listen Ultravox again after a long pause. I suddenly remembered parts of the lyrics and melodies and started to catch up what was happening, ordering the CDs and reviving all the memories. I also started to collect memorabilia.

Now, I appreciate Ultravox even more that in the good old 80s. Love the music, the lyrics and the atmosphere of their music.

However, when I read they were getting back and even planned a tour I thought "OK, but they will never come to Sweden..." Then I read that they actually planned a concert in Stockholm and I immediately booked tickets. At the concert I was in second row from the scene!!! The concert was just fantastic! I thought that that was a one-time event - "they will never tour to Sweden again..."

But today I found out that they will return - not to Stockholm but to my hometown of Gvle in the middle part of Sweden!! I will now never stop believing that dreams can become true - my dreams certainly has!!!

I am so glad to join this forum and meet other fans that are equally fascinated by Ultravox as I am!

Looking forward to talk to you all!!