Just wanted to say hi to everyone on this fantastic board. I never registered to any forums or boards but i really love this place over here, so i changed my mind !

Please allow me to introduce myself real quick: when i was around 11 years old i heard Ultravox & Visage for the first time and this was really a key moment of my life since that made me to become a musician and buying my first synthesizer (which i nevr managed to play like Billie).

I never had a chance to see Ultravox as a kid but this year my dream became true, i couldnīt believe it when i heard of the re-union and was lucky to grab the very last VIP ticket row 1 seat 1 woohoo What a great show ! Hearing Astradyne live for the first time ... i couldnīt believe it. Right before the show i had a chance to meet the band and got my original vienna vinyl signed by every member (which now is framed and will never be played again) also i got a chance for a little chat & photo with Midge and it turned out heīs just a fantastic & person with a great sense of humor .... what can i say, it just was one of my best days in my life .. and now they are even coming back for more shows !!!

Allright enough of bothering anybody over here, basically i just wanted to say Hi & letīs keep up the good work here on the board !

Cheers from Cologne Germany,